Download RiMOM

Currently the downloadable version of RiMOM can only run on the benchmark dataset of OAEI2006.

Download RiMOM for OAEI2006

Download RiMOM with GUI

Download RiMOM-IM (RiMOM for Instance Matching)

Download RiMOM 2010 (newest version)

Installation Guide:

External tools needed: Perl environment, WordNet, three Perl modules Text-Similarity WordNet::QueryData and WordNet::Similarity, and Java 1.5 (or above)

  1. Prepare a Perl environment, the current release is 5.8.8

  2. Get WordNet 2.1 and install;

  3. Get Perl module Text-Similarity, the current version is 0.02;

  4. Get Perl module WordNet::QueryData, before installing this, make sure there's an environment variable WNHOME pointing to the directory of WordNet (for example, /usr/local/WordNet-2.1/ or C:\Program Files\WordNet\2.1\);

  5. Get Perl module WordNet::Similarity;

  6. uncompress

Running RiMOM on the benchmark test case:

  1. Launch our WordNet Similarity Server: perl is located at the base location of RiMOM_System

    This will create a socket on port 5050 for the communication between Perl and Java.

  2. Launch RiMOM using the batch file benchmark.bat (.sh) under the RiMOM_System directory.


      For Windows: benchmark.bat locationOfBenchmarkTestCase

      For Linux: locationOfBenchmarkTestCase

    For example: benchmark.bat e:/benchmark/ OR /home/RiMOM/benchmark/

  3. RiMOM will map each locationOfBenchmarkTestCase/xxx/onto.rdf to locationOfBenchmarkTestCase/101/onto.rdf, and render the result as locationOfBenchmarkTestCase/xxx/RiMOM.rdf in the Alignment format.